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In 2013 I built my first website while I was working in my home town of Mesa, Arizona as Trail Walker for the Anasazi Foundation 

Since then I  have done some traveling. Went to college in Hawaii where I dabbled with mobile apps and received some great mentorship. After college, I worked for a startup working on how to encourage kids to be more physically active. Then I started freelancing for small businesses.

Currently, I live in Sacramento California working with a select group of clients to help them meet their digital needs.

Why Work With Me


With 7.6 billion people online, digital marketing is more than just a buzzword; it is a critical crossroad for the buyer’s journey and a pillar of every companies brand. For small businesses, the cost of hiring developers, copywriters, designers, and media buyers can cause critical strain on the business. They are strapped to find a way to compete against mounting demands to produce digital content with a limited budget.

Working as a digital marketing freelancer, I bring a wealth of resources that allow me to rapidly reach goals. I have the experience to know what to prioritize to help the business grow its online presences quickly and the skill to produce solutions efficiently. All while maintaining a personal touch that aligns my work with my clients’ vision.


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Simply put, Kevan is amazing! He was my Teacher Assistant while I taught at BYU – Hawaii and he did a thorough job of keeping me on task, but he also did a superb job working closely with the students in my class. Kevan is a master at UX and wireframing. He has a knack for taking complex ideas and simplifying them. He also has a deep understanding of project management and team leadership. Finally, Kevan has a hunger for digital marketing. He was constantly learning and sharing it with anyone who was interested. Kevan’s passion, curiosity, and entrepreneurial action has taken him far and will continue to do so. Without hesitation, I would hire Kevan in digital marketing, project management, and UX.

Paul Wilson,

Kevan has the rare combination of natural talent and enthusiasm. In my experience with him, he always challenged his environment to think with creativity and clarity, with a sharp focus on the realities of the business sector. Not only does he understand how to optimize the opportunities, he has a great rapport within the university community for delivering and is well respected among those that worked with him. I recommend Kevan highly for his ability in innovative and strategic thinking.

Samantha Som,

Kevan was a key player in the launch of our app. His guidance and support during our consultation sessions aided us in avoiding huge challenges and roadblocks, whilst giving us the ability to gain the most out of our design and development stages. Effectively, Kevan was the reason why we were able to successfully complete our project in less time and spending less money than was first thought. I am more than happy to refer him to anyone whether it be consultations, design specs, or project management, Kevan is the all-around package

Raife Cambell,

Kevan is great at building relationships with clients and coworkers. He has high standards and will go out of his way to get difficult tasks done. He was someone I could always count on. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Andrew Belcher,

I recruited Kevan from our direct care staff to help develop a new program that required extensive leadership, teaching, and creative skills. He exceeded every expectation and grew the position beyond what I could foresee. Kevan’s spontaneous nature and enthusiasm made him a natural fit for the young people we served.

Jeremy Oswald,

My Digital Nomad Experience

Learn from my mistakes


Online there are a thousand ways to make money. One of my focuses at this time is stock footage.  It is highly competitive because all it takes is a camera,

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 Maybe you have a question. We can talk about your goals. Wanna compare scars? Whatever you got on your mind drop me a line and lets talk about it.

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